External examples

The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research — at http://ncepr.org — studies the impact of ePortfolios on student learning and educational outcomes. UC participated in this initiative as part of Cohort V (2008-2011).

Resources, examples, and rubrics for faculty are available at the ePortfolio home at San Francisco State University. See also the student gallery of eportfolios at SFSU.

California State University’s eportfolio project is showcased at this site.

Dr. Cheryl E. Ball — Assoc Prof of New Media Studies at Illinois State University as well as the editor of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy — has created an online portfolio in WordPress that functions in part for purposes of her reappointment, promotion, and tenure at Illinois State.

Information on the ePortfolio initiative at Clemson along with a gallery as well as some training materials for GoogleSites.

A four-page overview of ePortfolios at Northern Illinois University, compiled by Michael Day (Professor of English and Director of First Year Composition). See also a poster overview of the NIU project at http://www.emiday.com/blog/


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