Workflow Management

  • The portfolio gets built as a set of scaffolded assignments, early ones providing a foundation for later ones.
  • Let’s call the third week from the end of the term the Third Protocol (after a 2005 amendment to the Geneva Conventions relating to display of protective emblems that humanitarian agencies might wear during times of war).
  • Early work (that is, everything turned in prior to the Third Protocol) gets reviewed (and maybe graded, with comments) on an ongoing basis. No assignments with deadlines prior to the Third Protocol can be turned in late except under major extenuating circumstances (probably related to taking a “temporary final” grade of I for the course.
  • If students do rewrites on earlier work, those also have to be turned in prior to the Third Protocol.
  • In the case of rewrites, the student provides the original plus my original feedback/comments plus the revised version, all in one digital document that can be readily reviewed.
  • What I haven’t yet tried: asking students for a double-column format, the original on one side and the rewrite on the other. But this would be a handy format for reviewing the rewrites.
  • The final version of the portfolio (which might get turned in during the final week of the term) might thus contain one final short, overarching reflection, but that’s the only new work.
  • A review of that final reflection will figure into the overall grade for the portfolio, but otherwise, that grade is based on the design plus some average of the previous grades already assigned.
  • The grading process thus focuses on one short, final piece of writing plus the overall design of the portfolio plus an averaging of numbers/grades. It thus goes pretty fast.

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