Using WordPress for student work

This section suggests various ways in which WordPress might serve to gather student work, whether through a course blog or through separate portfolios that students themselves might create. See also the “teaching portfolio” material that is directed more towards an online portfolio that faculty themselves might create.

Click here for information about using WordPress for student blogging purposes.

This page contains some suggestions about assessing / evaluating student ePortfolios.

Some documents in an ePortfolio might be intended to serve two functions, one related to the course (and getting a grade for the course) and the other related to other audiences/readers (such as a job-search committee, an admissions officer for a grad school or law school, or a scholarship review board). The logistical problem for students thus becomes setting up a particular document so that it can address course requirements but then get readily repurposed for those non-course audiences. Click here for suggestions on balancing the public face with the student face.

One danger with assigning portfolios is a potential tidal wave of work at the end of the term. This page describes some strategies that have worked for me as a workflow-management device.


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