Portfolio record of an assignment

In a graduate course on the scholarship of teaching and learning, for instance, one in-class activity involved the circulation of six cards, each one starting with the statement, “The most important kind of scholarly inquiry into the classroom is . . .”

Students first completed that statement and then passed their cards to the left. For the card that they received, they then added a second statement, one that would logically and stylistically follow from the previous statement. After passing again and receiving another card, they added a third statement, and so on.

The goal was to complete a six-sentence paragraph that sounded sufficiently coherent that it might have been written by a single author.

The results of that exercise are recorded below:

A sample of one of the cards, with the handwritten additions

The full range of all six of the paragraphs, now typed out

A Wordle representation of all six of the paragraph

A second Wordle, same representation


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