Teaching portfolios

This area contains resources that might prove helpful for faculty developing their own portfolios, whether for teaching, for showcasing their work for other audiences (such as a search committee), or for purposes of reappointment, promotion, and tenure.

Some definitions:

A teaching portfolio will gather together materials that the faculty member finds useful to house in a single online environment for purposes of showcasing that person’s teaching more broadly (for purposes of documenting teaching in an RPT dossier, for instance, or as part of a nomination package for a teaching award); or for purposes of housing materials for students from a wide range of that person’s courses (when those materials will be relevant for multiple courses).

A course portfolio will gather together materials specific to a single course, in ways that allow more depth and focus than a teaching portfolio. The course portfolio might help other faculty (such as adjuncts) in their own teaching of the same course, or it will provide a more detailed showcase for a person’s teaching in a key (or “signature”) course. It will also serve as a more in-depth resource for students taking that particular course in the future.

A course portfolio might contain — among other artifacts — the record of a particular assignment in that course that I would want to highlight. Click here for one example of how that might get set up in WordPress.

Dan Bernstein and Ellen Wert have put together a short and very focused essay on course portfolios and what they might contain.

This four-page document, in Q&A format, considers some common questions about teaching portfolios.

The University of New Mexico has also put together some useful guidelines on teaching portfolios. 

The Peer Review of Teaching Project out of the University of Nebraska, as stated in the subtitle to their web site, seeks to make visible the intellectual work of teaching. The site contains a number of instructor-created examples of online course and teaching portfolios. It is available at http://www.courseportfolio.org

The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education has a collection to showcase the work of over fifteen CASTL Scholars, from different institutions and different disciplines, who have created teaching/course portfolios.

My own teaching portfolio is available at http://chalkdot.wordpress.com


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