Ohio Univ.

This section collects a number of materials relating to a two-day set presentations and workshops that I facilitated at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio, on Sept. 19 and 20, 2013.

This is a two-page description of the various sessions on the two-day program, including information about times & locations.

One session concerned the subject of ePortfolios and the undergraduate experience. 

Another session concerned the subject of ePortfolios for faculty, with a focus on professional development.

Another session gathered together a number of strategies that might be relevant for OU’s faculty learning community on ePortfolios, with a variety of prompts in this file for both students (regarding assignments that might be presented in their ePortfolios) as well as faculty (regarding their plans to develop their own ePortfolios).

For a lunch discussion with a variety of OU administrators concerned with the possibilities of ePortfolio initiatives, I prepared this one-page handout.

Although not directly connected to any of the OU sessions, this set of slides presents highly selected bibliographic information for anyone wishing to review published scholarly material on the subject of ePortfolios.