Any comments or suggestions that you have towards improving this eCobbling resource would be much appreciated. Click on the “comments” line (underneath the date to the left here) to see a few earlier comments.


2 responses to “Invitation”

  1. Wayne says :

    If you are seeking Univ. Library resources on WordPress and have access to the Library through your UC affiliation, you might want to check out the online resources through UC’s “Safari books online” service. From the Library’s main search page, click on “Books & More” and then enter “wordress” into the “Keyword” search function. This pulls up (as of early October 2012) over 70 items. Once you’ve selected one of those items and pulled up the page for that item, it might well have the following link “Connect to resource online.” Clicking there should pull up the whole book in digital format.

  2. Wayne says :

    Nancy Wozniak, the “Learning Architect and ePortfolio Manager” at SUNY – Stony Brook, maintains a page of eportfolio resources that has collected (among other things) some detailed explanations for the potential benefits of eportfolios. See:

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